The Little Yellow Label That Serves Such A Big Purpose

You know that little yellow label you see on pieces of mail that have been returned to the original sender? It’s called a NIXIE label and it’s adhered by the United States Postal Service when mail is unable to be delivered.

There are many reasons as to why mail cannot be delivered to the desired sender. Businesses and individuals can move and not have their mail forwarded from their prior address, the address could have not been properly written on the envelope or perhaps the business is now defunct; so many scenarios can occur. While getting returned mail may be frustrating, the NIXIE label can provide important details as to what happened.

The image below identifies the different parts of the NIXIE label:

Fun Facts About the NIXIE Label:

  1. The term NIXIE is derived from the English slang term nix, derived from the German word nichts,which means “nothing.”
  2. In the 20thcentury, a NIXIE clerk was a postal employee who tried to figure out what to do with undeliverable items, which were not just poorly addressed mail, but ranged from torn-open envelopes of photographs, even to lost and found wallets dropped into a mailbox.
  3. The yellow label used for direct mail has even influenced e-mail with the term NIXIE list, used for undeliverable e-mails.

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