Postal Reform Delivers For Marketers

UPDATE – President Joe Biden signed the Postal Service Reform Act into law on April 6, 2022. 

As you have probably heard, the Senate passed the Postal Service Reform Act, legislation to financially back the United States Postal Service by a vote of 79-19. The $107 billion piece of legislation has been making its way through Congress in an effort to prevent the federal agency from going bankrupt. Not only does this bill protect the USPS, but it will have a positive impact on the success of your direct mail campaigns.  

Once President Biden signs the bill, the retirement mandate that went into effect during President George W. Bush’s administration will be a thing of the past. The mandate required the USPS to prefund its employee’s retirement benefits, which played a large part in the agency’s financial troubles according to The New York Times. In fact, the USPS found itself with almost $10 billion in losses by 2021. The COVID-19 outbreak contributed to additional agency cutbacks, in turn delaying delivery service times millions of Americans depended on. 

Instead of requiring the agency to set aside money for its future retirees, employees will have to enroll in Medicare when eligible. This legislation is estimated to save the USPS between $22.6 billion to $50 billion over the next decade, keeping them afloat for decades to come.  

In addition, the legislation will make permanent a six-day-a-week delivery mandate – ensuring residents  will receive mail on a regular basis. Plus, the bill would require an online dashboard be set up to provide transparency to customers on how long it would take to deliver letters and packages based on their ZIP code. 

Through the financial stability of the agency and tools this legislation would provide, the passing of this bill shows the federal government is acknowledging the importance mail has in our society. The USPS makes deliveries to 1 million new homes every year, showing how physical mail is still relied upon in our everyday lives. 

As stated above, this bill’s six-day-a-week delivery mandate will also help marketers by providing better service and assurance that important campaigns will be delivered – Monday through Saturday.   

Direct mail is a proven marketing tool to seeing results. With this extended schedule marketers will have more opportunities to engage with their audiences. 

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