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AMA Announces Reduced Royalty Rates for One-Time Use Licensing of AMA-PPD

FAIRFIELD, NJ (March 26, 2018) – Redi-Mail Direct Marketing, one of the nation’s leading providers of marketing support solutions, announced today a significant cost decrease in AMA Postal royalties in accordance with the AMA’s reduced royalty rates for one-time use licensing of AMA-PPD.

As an authorized AMA database licensee or DBL, Redi-Data, Inc., Redi-Mail’s sister-company, delivers lists including preferred doctor mailing addresses from the top authorities in doctor information, featuring in-depth, multi-sourced and verified record profiles and can be appended with physician email addresses for comprehensive eReach programs. Effective April 1st, the new, reduced royalty rates reflect a 40% discount.

Established in 1906 by the leading name in healthcare, the AMA Physician Masterfile was initially developed as a record keeping device to support membership and mailing activities. Since then, the database has expanded to deliver significant education, training and professional certification information on virtually 100% of practicing physicians including members, non-members, Doctors of Medicine and Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine across the United States, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and certain Pacific Islands.

“AMA’s reduced royalty rates present an opportunity to maximize the ROI of postal initiatives,” remarked Thomas Buckley, President of Redi-Mail Direct Marketing. “As an official AMA Database Licensee, we remain committed to providing cost-effective comprehensive data and marketing solutions to help our clients reach their targeted HCPs.”

About Redi-Mail Direct Marketing

Redi-Mail is a results-driven company delivering the most-comprehensive, end-to-end offering of marketing solutions available. Redi-Mail’s capabilities and diverse industry experience include: consumer, business and healthcare postal and email lists, multi-channel marketing campaign management, direct mail, digital and variable printing, website development and hosting, database management and fulfillment. When the successful execution of mail or multi-faceted marketing programs require an experienced industry leader, many of America’s top companies and their advertising agencies partner with Redi-Mail Direct Marketing.